All About Personalized Koozies


What is that special item that accompany cans and bottles at parties no matter if it is for small gatherings, big events like baby showers or for business purposes? Well of course, it is none other than the personalized koozies. This can help in preventing you to waste money in the future.

Custom Koozies actually serve a great advertising medium in the corporate world by allowing businesses to print their logo, message, store address, contact details and their website to the koozie. With this, customers can keep koozies in the long run for beverage use. Aside from that, every time they will use it, they would be reminded of the company that has given it, which in this case is you. Undoubtedly, this is much better compared to business cards which has the possibility to get lost but in regards to koozies, they are sure to last for long and be used often.

As what said earlier, businesses can use custom koozies. They can be used for fundraising opportunities, tradeshows, sponsoring athletic games, door prize gifts or mail it to loyal customers when they are about to promote a new sale. Koozies could be personalized with either a funny design or serious saying which include the names of the bride and groom, the date of the occasion and so forth, whichever you see it fit.

It can be made in almost any color that you like and design it from stripes to plain solid colors, decorative items, graffiti, pictures and anything you see to beautify the koozie. There is literally broad selection of custom materials for your koozies to produce like neoprene, plastic, stainless steel and even Styrofoam. The sizes of koozies may range from 12oz. to 24oz. cans and bottles. There are lots of styles that exist for personalized koozies so it is almost impossible to run out of choices.

Keep in mind that the best personalized Nerd Koozies are the ones that you can make and design yourself. Homemade koozies may be crafted using some simple materials that are literally lying around your house that can be recycled or buy the materials you need from craft stores. To give you an example, you can use materials from old clothing such as sweater sleeves or stretchy socks that you can sew to the base of the koozie container.

Basically, if you want a personalized koozie, it all lies to your imagination on how you are going to do it.

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